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Zootaxa publication

Zootaxa publication
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Citation: Hughes, L. E. 2009. Platyischnopidae. Lowry, J.K. & Myers, A.A. (ed). pp 828-835 In Amphipoda of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Zootaxa 2260. Magnolia Press: Auckland, NZ. ISBN 978 1 86977 411 0


Two genera and two species of Platyischnopidae are recorded from the Great Barrier Reef: Platyischnopus mam Barnard & Drummond and a new species Tomituka eumilli sp. nov.

Key words: Crustacea, Amphipoda, Platyischnopidae, Great Barrier Reef, Australia, taxonomy, new species, Platyischnopus mam, Tomituka eumilliI


by Maria Byrne, Professor Marine and Developmental Biology, University of Sydney:

This important new book on the amphipods of the Great Barrier Reef is the result of years of collective effort by an international team of 20 amphipod experts. It fills a major gap in knowledge of the amphipods of Australia, as previously the tropical fauna was poorly known.


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