Refereed Article Participatory Communication with Social Media

Citation: Russo, A; Watkins, J; Kelly, L; Chan, S. 2008. Participatory Communication with Social Media. Curator. 51. (1): 21-31. ISSN 0011-3069


Major museums worldwide are starting to use social media such as blogs, podcasts and content shares to engage users via participatory communication. This marks a shift in how museums publicly communicate their role as custodians of cultural content and so presents debate around an institution's attitude towards cultural authority. It also signifies a new possible direction for museum learning.This article reports on a range of initiatives that demonstrate how participatory communication via social media can be integrated into museum practices. It argues that the social media space presents an ideal opportunity for museums to build online communities of interest around authentic cultural information, and concludes with some recent findings on and recommendations for social media implementation.

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