Refereed Article A revision of the genus Poltys in Australasia (Araneae: Araneidae)

Citation: Smith, H.M. 2006. A revision of the genus Poltys in Australasia (Araneae: Araneidae). Records of the Australian Museum. 58. 43-96.


The genus Poltys C.L. Koch is revised in Australia and partly examined in the wider Australasian region. Poltys coronatus Keyserling, P. keyserlingi Keyserling, P. multituberculatus Rainbow and P. penicillatus Rainbow are synonymized with P. illepidus C.L. Koch; P. microtuberculatus Rainbow is synonymized with P. stygius Thorell; P. bimaculatus Keyserling, P. mammeatus Keyserling and P. salebrosus Rainbow are synonymized with P. laciniosus Keyserling; P. sigillatus Chrysanthus is synonymized with P. frenchi Hogg. Five new species are described, four from Australia, P. grayi, P. jujorum, P. milledgei and P. noblei, and P. timmeh from New Caledonia. Notes on the biology of Australian species are given and a key is provided. DNA COI and ITS2 sequence data are used to test the species separations. A checklist of all Poltys types from the region, including illustrations, is provided.

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