Refereed Article A new species of Brotia from Yunnan, China (Caenogastropoda, Pachychilidae)

Brotia yunnanensis

Brotia yunnanensis
Photographer: Frank Köhler © Frank Köhler

Citation: Köhler, F; Li-Na, D; Jun-Xing, Y. 2010. A new species of Brotia from Yunnan, China (Caenogastropoda, Pachychilidae). Zoosystematics and Evolution. 86. (2): 295-300.


A new species of pachychilid freshwater gastropods, Brotia yunnanensis n. sp., is described
from the Mengnong River in the Lancang (= Mekong) River drainage of Yunnan,
Southern China. This species is characterised by the unique combination of a
comparatively small, conical shell with a sculpture consisting of densely arranged but
weakly developed axial ribs that support two spiral rows of weak nodules, and a round,
multispiral operculum. Brotia yunnanensis n. sp. is the first confirmed report of this
genus from China. It is anticipated that further species are to be found in this region,
which currently remain unknown.

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