Predator Prowl - Stage 3

Students investigate the characteristics of birds and invertebrates that help them catch prey and avoid capture themselves.

Birds Exhibition

Birds Exhibition
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Self-guided program

Students explore the Birds and Insects exhibition and discover the characteristics that birds and invertebrates use to find and capture their prey or to prevent their capture by predators. The program provides an opportunity for students to work in small groups to solve clues. They then come together as a class to complete a jigsaw puzzle to reveal a mystery predator. Bookings essential.

  • Syllabus links: Science 
  • Maximum number of students: No limit
  • Duration: One hour
  • Cost: Free entry for school students
  • Location: Birds and Insects exhibition, Level 2

Education Resource Kit

  • Please telephone (612) 9320-6163 to request a hard copy.



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