Plesiopidae - Blue Devils, Hulafishes and Prettyfins

Access images and fact sheets of plesiopid fishes. The family contains the Blue Devil, prettyfins, longfins hulafishes and roundheads.

Eastern Hulafish, Trachinops taeniatus

Eastern Hulafish, Trachinops taeniatus
Photographer: David and Leanne Atkinson © David and Leanne Atkinson

Assessor flavissimus Yellow Scissortail
Assessor macneilli Blue Scissortail
Calloplesiops altivelis Comet
Paraplesiops alisonae Alison's Blue Devil
Paraplesiops bleekeri Eastern Blue Devil
Paraplesiops meleagris Southern Blue Devil
Trachinops noarlungae Yellowhead Hulafish
Trachinops taeniatus Eastern Hulafish


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