Permits (Lizard Island)

The Lizard Island Group is a National Park and it is surrounded by the waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. 

Collecting specimens or manipulating the environment in any way requires one or more permits from state and/or federal agencies. As well, exporting any biological specimens from Australia requires a permit.

Marine Parks Permits - required for any collecting or manipulation of the marine environment around Lizard Island

Fisheries Permits - required for using certain items of collecting equipment in the marine environment, and for collecting particular kinds of marine organisms.

Ethics approval - required for scientific use of any vertebrate (except fish eggs and fish larvae) or cephalopod. The Animal Ethics Committee that issues the approval must be registered in Queensland.

Terrestrial Permits - required for any collecting or manipulation of the terrestrial environment around Lizard Island.

Export Permits - required for exporting any specimens or biological material from Australia

Commercial Activities Permits - required for certain commercial activities


Dr Anne Hoggett , Director, Lizard Island Research Station
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