Our Favourite Websites

The internet is full of websites related to science and research themes.

The Australian Museum Research scientists use the internet to communicate their research topics and results to a broader community. Here are some of their favourites, you will like:

Two sea slug species

Two sea slug species
Photographer: B. Rudman © B. Rudman

Sea Slug Forum

aims to generate more interest in these fascinating creatures by sharing information with a worldwide audience. The forum is a useful tool for anyone with an interest in sea slugs from scientists and students to divers and aquarists.


provides an interactive information retrieval system for the world crustaceans through illustrated, interactive keys, morphological descriptions, glossaries of morphological terminology and current family level lists of world crustaceans.

Pacific Black Box

Rising sea levels, cultural mapping and more. Participatory tool for Pacific Islands community projects.

Birds in Backyards

is a research, education and conservation program focusing on the birds that live where people live. Find & learn more about over 300 Australian bird species and get involved by taking part in our online surveys.

Deepsea News

offers news, videos and more about marine creatures in the darkness of the world's oceans.


Polychaetes, Oligochaetes, leeches and allies - the world of worms.





Mr Martin Pueschel , Scientific Illustrator
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