Opistognathidae - Jawfishes

Access opistognathid fish pages on the site. The family includes the grinners, harlequins, jawfishes, monkeyfishes, pugs and smilers.

Blotched Jawfish, Opistognathus latitabundus

Blotched Jawfish, Opistognathus latitabundus
Photographer: Brett Ellis © Brett Ellis

 Opistognathus sp Chinstrap Jawfish
 Opistognathus eximius Harlequin Smiler
 Opistognathus jacksoniensis Southern Smiler
Opistognathus latitabundus Blotched Jawfish
 Opistognathus papuensis Papuan Jawfish
 Stalix spp. several jawfishes

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