Novita Wenda

Importance of museums for the future.

Novita Wenda (2)

Novita Wenda (2)
Photographer: Stan Florek © Australian Museum

Novita Wenda chose to undertake her work experience at the Australian Museum under the Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program in 2013.

Novita is from Wamena - the largest town in Indonesia’s Papuan highlands, but she grew in Jayapura, the capital of Papua Province. She is studying city planning at the University of Science and Technology in Jayapura.

Novita’s knowledge and interest in Papuan culture is linked to Wamena which became a centre for promoting Papuan tradition and culture-based tourism. Papuan people wish they culture was better known to the outside world and are keen to promote it through arts, crafts, language and performance. Cultural tourism is one of the means of showing and sharing Papuan tradition. On the other hand outsiders from Indonesia and abroad are increasingly interested in learning about and experiencing elements of this starkly original culture rooted in the long Papuan history.

Novita appreciates the role of museums in preserving and nurturing Papuan culture in the context of globalisation and rapidly changing economic and social patterns in her own country and in the world. So, she is eager to explore how the Australian Museum fulfils this role in relation to the variety of cultures in Indonesia and beyond, and how its experience can be used in refreshing and designing museums in her own country to make them more relevant to these who promote their culture and these who desire to learn about and experience other cultural traditions.

Novita also likes to travel to gain more knowledge and understanding of different countries and societies in the fast changing modern world. And with a visible global trend of more and more people living in urban centres Novita’s career in town planning may be just the profession of high demand. 

Prepared by Novita and Stan 

Dr Stan Florek , Database Manager
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