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Diving in deep oceans, with the whole family!

A couple of weeks ago, I spent some time in Search & Discover, talking to family’s about our upcoming exhibition on deep oceans...

By: Ms Marloes Schepers, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 29 Apr 2011

Linkasaurus #7

What's the point of a museum website? Or a museum wikipedia page? Or a museum truck?

By: Michael Hugill, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 29 Apr 2011

Mobile is transforming everyday shopping

So says the latest research from Google - "The Constantly Connected Consumer".

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 29 Apr 2011

Dr Sandy talks whales

Dr Sandy Ingelby, Manager of Mammalogy, shares how the Museum will be involved in the collection and disposal of the sperm whale specimen recently found on the rocks of Sydney’s Newport Beach.

By: Ms Jen Cork, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 29 Apr 2011

Dolphins at Manly

Swimming with dolphins has to be high on the wish list for many people.  Gaetan Guilhon had the very good fortune to do just that at Manly Beach, Sydney, on a lovely April morning in 2011.   The footage shows a pod of about 50 Common Dolphins, Delphinus delphis.  Please don't tell me that dolphins aren't fish - I know that!  I was just so envious and excited I had to share this movie.  Enjoy!

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 27 Apr 2011

This week in Fish: Whale Shark sighting

During the week we reported on a Whale Shark sighting in Botany Bay.  Teagan Marzullo visited to examine the spines of rays in the collection and a small 'Querying the site' image gallery was added.  Of course there were also plenty of new images added.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 21 Apr 2011

My impressions from TCC11

I attended the Transformations in Cultural Communictaion Conference the other week. The aim of this year's conference was to “... draw together leading researchers and professionals to explore the tangible ways in which social media can engage culturally diverse audiences”. Here's some of what I gleaned...

By: Rubén Reyes, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 21 Apr 2011

Pacific land alienation

Land alienation is a problem not just in Papua New Guinea but across Melanesia, and it has the potential to have a catastrophic affect on Melanesian society, according to one of the region's most experienced anthropologists, Museum Research Associate Kirk Huffman.

By: Brendan Atkins, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 20 Apr 2011

Agile development for museums

We’ve been thinking lots about agile / rapid development models as we begin to delve into the wonderful world of apps. But, what is it and what does it mean for museums? 

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 20 Apr 2011

Rare books come up for air

When we talk about ‘objects’ we don’t just mean dinosaur skeletons, taxidermied animals or gemstones...

By: Michael Hugill, Category: Science, Date: 20 Apr 2011