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Conserving koalas: using DNA to look at the big picture

Looking at koala DNA from across the country gives us insights into their past, to help conserve them for the future.

By: Dr Linda Neaves, Dr Greta Frankham, Dr Siobhan Dennison, Dr Mark Eldridge, Dr Rebecca Johnson, Category: AMRI, Date: 02 Sep 2016

2016 Eureka Prizes Wrap Up

Celebrating the winners of the 2016 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes

By: Vanessa Gardos, Category: Science, Date: 01 Sep 2016

Over 10,000 people come to AMSF2016

AMSF volunteer Clare Watson gives a wrap up of one of our most succesful years yet.

By: Clare Watson, Category: Lifelong Learning, Date: 01 Sep 2016

Turning on the lights at the Australian Museum

With a flick of a switch visitors can easily see what is on display but what was it like before the lights were turned on?

By: Patricia Egan, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 29 Aug 2016

Snake Bite Kit

One of the risks faced by scientists looking for reptiles is being bitten by a venonmous snake.

By: Patricia Egan, Category: Science, Date: 25 Aug 2016

National Waterwatch Forum

The National Waterwatch Forum was held at the Australian Museum in July 2016

By: Greg McDonald, Category: Lifelong Learning, Date: 23 Aug 2016

AMplify: Ep 18, Mary O'Kane delivers 2016 AMRI Lecture

Listen to the live recording of the 2016 AMRI Address and Lecture delivered by Professor Mary O'Kane, NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer.

By: Alice Gage, Category: At The Museum, Date: 22 Aug 2016

Celebrating museum science

Without museums, we wouldn’t have discovered a cute, furry critter called the Olinguito – and so much more.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley, Category: AMRI, Date: 15 Aug 2016

Barcoding bollworms

Some of the world’s most destructive crop pests have been tagged and bagged at the Australian Museum.

By: Dr Andrew Mitchell, Category: AMRI, Date: 10 Aug 2016

Through village gardens and into the mist

After months of planning, it's now time to begin the search for Malaita's unknown mammals in the mountains of East Kwaio.

By: Tyrone Lavery, Category: AMRI, Date: 09 Aug 2016