Museum2you Video Conferences

Book a video conference to compliment your Museum2you program.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing
Photographer: Carl Bento © Australian Museum

As a host of Museum2you, you can access the Australian Museum's collections and staff through an amazing selection of video conferences. These hands-on video conferences are a perfect opportunity for your community to ask questions, gather information and participate in professional development or practical workshops.

Museum2you Video Conferences

  • Water Quality Surveying
  • Water Bug Surveying
  • Minibeast Magnified
  • Bugwise: Web2spider
  • Frog Friendly Garden

How to Book

Bookings are made through Karen Player.

Phone: 02 9320 6197
Fax: 02 9320 6072

When you have booked you will receive an information pack from the Australian Museum with an outline of the video conference and details on how to connect with us.


To offer a video conference with the Australian Museum you will require video conferencing equipment. If your organisation does not have video conferencing equipment, enquire with other organisations in your community. Local councils, local museums or schools may have video conferencing equipment available for you to use.

Isabelle Kingsley , Education Project Officer - Museum2you
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