Museum in a Box - Freshwater

Available each school term for loan periods of three weeks and can be sent to and collected from any educational institution within NSW.

Museum in a box - Freshwater

Museum in a box - Freshwater
Photographer: James King © Australian Museum

The majority of humans live near some form of freshwater environment. These biologically rich freshwater ecosystems play a vital role in human life as sources of water, food and recreation.

The new Freshwater box has been developed in conjunction with Sydney Water. This box replaces the Life in Freshwater box and has been expanded to include some exciting new water quality monitoring equipment and learning resources. The new content will provide a glimpse into life in fresh water, how we impact it and the action we can take to improve our catchments.

Box Contents:

Life in feshwater diorama


  • Dragonfly nymph
  • Pond snail
  • Tubifex worm
  • Yabby
  • Damselfly
  • Spotted Marsh Frog
  • Eastern Water Skink
  • Murray River Rainbow Fish
  • Giant Water Bug
  • Water Spider

Streamwatch collecting equipment

  • Dip net
  • pH strips
  • Turbidity tubes
  • Thermometers
  • Electrical conductivity meter
  • Identification charts
  • Sampling trays
  • Water flow cup

Teaching material

  • Information panels
  • Teachers Guide
  • Lesson Plans
  • Activitiy Sheets
  • What's in a Drop DVD
  • Books
  • Poster
  • Factsheets


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Karen Player , Manager Museum Outreach
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