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Mini Explorers: Dinosaurs!

Mini Explorers: Dinosaurs!
Photographer: James Horan © Australian Museum

The word dinosaur means terrible lizard. Dinosaurs were a group of extraordinary animals that lived during and dominated the Mesozoic Era, or Age of Reptiles (from 245 to 65 million years ago). They existed in a fantastic range of shapes and colours and possessed some amazing defence weaponry - armour-plating and very effective teeth and claws. While some dinosaurs were up to 50 metres long or weighed up to 50 tonnes, some were about the size of a chicken. It has been suggested that feathered dinosaurs with clumsy flight are the ancestors of modern birds. Australian dinosaur fossils are relatively recent discoveries and are featured in the Dinosaurs box.

Box Contents:

  • Dinosaur models
  • Activity booklets
  • Become pals with a Palaeontologist
  • Bone in the Stone
  • The Winton Stampede
  • Large footprint cast
  • Minmi skin cast
  • Footprint moulds
  • Fact sheets
  • Poster
  • DVD 'Muttaburrasaurus', Film Australia
  • Books on Australian Dinosaurs
  • Information panels

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