Museum in a Box - Catchments: Water for Living

Boxes are available each term for three weeks. They can be sent to and collected from any educational institution within New South Wales.

Museum in a Box - Catchments:Water for Living

Museum in a Box - Catchments:Water for Living
Photographer: Carl Bento © Australian Museum

The Catchments: Water for Living box is an exciting new resource for high schools and focuses on science and geography. The Catchment: Water for Living box was developed in partnership Sydney Water and includes specimens and scientific equipment to assist student in monitoring their local environment.

The majority of humans live near some form of freshwater environment. These biologically rich freshwater ecosystems play a vital role in human life as sources of water, food and recreation.

The content provides information on the importance of water, catchment management and global water issues. Students can explore their local environment to understand how we impact it and the action we can take to improve our catchments


  • 1.5m long working catchment model
  • Datalogger
  • Ammonia test strips
  • Phosphate test strips
  • Dissolved Oxygen tablets
  • pH strips
  • Thermometer
  • Turbidity tubes
  • Identification charts
  • Water flow cup
  • Pipetts
  • Spray Bottle

Teaching material

  • Information panels
  • Teachers Guide
  • Activity booklet
  • History of Water booklet
  • Sydney Water Factsheets
  • Sydney Catchment Authority activities
  • Aerial images and overlays of Sydney Olympic Park
  • What's in a Drop DVD
  • River Health - Caring for our waterways DVD
  • Rivers - Global Environment Series DVD
  • Global Environmental Issues - Water DVD
  • What's in a Drop CD
  • The Atlas of Water  - Book
  • Australia's Water Resources - Book
  • Water Not Down the Drain - Book
  • Giardia to
  • E. coli toy



Karen Player , Manager Museum Outreach
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