Touring exhibition: Museum EXPOSED! Photography at the Australian Museum

From a Lion wrapped in plastic, to a man with a bird on his head, our photographers are exposed to unique visual opportunities.






Cuckoo Wasp blue

Cuckoo Wasp blue
Photographer: Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum

Museum EXPOSED! is an opportunity to put forward images from the Museum’s photography department which may have never seen the light of day. It consists of 35 unique images which are available to tour to your venue now.

Our Photographer's images are used for various purposes, they often end up cropped and their initial concept distorted. They can have text run over them or end up almost unrecognisable from how they left the studio.
Once published, they may no longer be a standalone image as they become part of a larger entity.

Here, these images are presented without accent or distraction – to be enjoyed just as the photographers intended.

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Louise Teteris

Project Coordinator – Touring Exhibitions  

Touring Itinerary

Louise Teteris , Project Coordinator – Touring Exhibitions
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