Museum Educator-led Programs

Students will discover more during their visit to the Australian Museum in our expert educator lead programs.

First Australians Galleries Tour Stages 2-3

First Australians Galleries Tour Stages 2-3
Photographer: James Horan © Australian Museum

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Students have the opportunity to touch real artefacts, discover museum treasures and go behind the scenes of the Australian Museum. Browse the list of exciting programs we have on offer below:

Primary school programs

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Hands-on Experiences
(History, Visual Arts, Aboriginal Studies)

Choose from the following programs for a hands-on experience with real specimens and objects:

Animal Hands-on Experiences
(Science and more)

Choose from the following sessions for a hands-on experience with real specimens:

Gallery Experiences
(History, Science, Visual Arts, Geography)

Choose from the following gallery tours:

Secondary school programs

History Years 7-10

Aboriginal Studies Years 7-12

Science Years 7-10

Biology Years 11-12

Earth and Environmental Science Years 11-12

Tertiary programs

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