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Museum2you at the Coal Loader 4

Museum2you at the Coal Loader 4
Photographer: Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum

Booking costs

Museum2you is an environmental education program for communities across NSW on the issues of sustainability, climate change and biodiversity. 

A charge applys to each 7 week loan. This charge covers booking, handling, maintenance and freight of the module to and from any area in New South Wales:

  • $220 (incl. GST) per module applies to New South Wales Regional.
  • $385 (incl. GST) per module applies for Sydney Metropolitan.

A tax invoice will be sent with each module.  Please read the risk assessment before you book. 

Booking form

Please print, complete and fax this form to 02 9320 6072 

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2015 loan period Selection
January 5 to February 23  
March 2 to April 20  
April 27 to June 15  
June 22 to August 10  
August 17 to October 5  
October 12 to November 30  


Contact details


02 9320 6197


02 9320 6072.


Isabelle Kingsley , Education Project Officer - Museum2you
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