Movie: White Shark at Horn Rock

An unexpected encounter between diver Rob Wills and a White Shark at Horn Rock, near Little Barrier Island, New Zealand, December 2007.

© Rob Wills
Rob Wills


Rob jumped into the water but could not see the bottom.  He was looking at the surrounding fishes until in his words he, "felt a need to look behind me.  The thing took up my whole field of vision...about 2 m away, and I was just stunned.  I spat out my snorkel and stuck my head out of the water and called for somebody to be ready to drag me out of the water.  I managed to get the camera back on the beast, and it glided right past me off into the gloom.  Needless to say, we didn't dive that spot..."

Rob estimated that the shark was 4.5 m in length.

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