Movie: Wana, Boomerang

Badger Bates talks about a two boomerangs he has made. And the difference between ochre and cooking oil

© Australian Museum and Badger Bates
Finton Mahony
Badger Bates


This boomerang is made from the river red gum root. The traditional name for this is called wana, and we just call them wimbeedoowanna, which means black person’s boomerang. I'm  Badger Bates, from Wilcannia. And I’d put the emu fat and the red ochre on this one. And then this one is made from mulga. And what I tried to do with this one again is I just put that cooking oil on it just to show like – I don’t know, there’s sort of two ways now of being Aboriginal, where you can use emu fat and ochre, the traditional way, but also then you can use oil or lacquer and sort of say come from here to there today to where we is. And we can sort of go backwards with both of it. So I just try and do it like that.

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