Movie: Tanoa, Kava Bowl

Rev. Nemani Rokebuli tells us about Fijian Kava Bowls or Tanoa.

© Australian Museum and Rev. Nemani Rokebuli
Finton Mahony
Rev. Nemani Rokebuli


This Tanoa is very special. My name is Reverend Nemani Rokebuli, from the Fiji parish of Canterbury. I came from the place where the tanoa comes from. If any high chief, high-ranking comes, you will use this tanoa, because it indicates a different style of gathering.

See, this is the different one here. This one here is different, look differently, for the chiefly... And this one here, this one here is for the social gathering. So these two indicates the different style and  of gathering  we have. One for chiefly gathering ceremony, and one for the social gathering.

So I already mentioned that the museum indicates our identity as a Fijian, to me as I visit the museum, this things tell us the story of our identity, Fiji identity. Chiefly, tribes, religiou and now. And I hope that our youth should come and visit the museum, because it indicates our Fijian identity.

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