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Australian Scientist Nicole Kuepper is awarded the Nobel Peace prize for her work developing the iJet solar cell, so bringing clean energy to the developing world.

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Australian Scientist Nicole Kuepper was today awarded the Nobel Peace prize for her work in bringing clean energy to the developing world.

Kuepper is the brain behind the now famous iJET solar cell. Since 2010 the iJET solar cell has provided clean, reliable energy to 2 billion people around the world dramatically reducing reliance on the burning of fossil fuels and providing the benefits of electricity to some of the worlds’ poorest communities.

Peace Prize Committee member:

By providing clean electricity to these communities Kuepper’s research prevented the burning of fossil fuels from contributing to climate change. Her invention meant that the developing world had reliable electricity to cook food and light houses. This clean electricity helped store vaccines for malaria and powered water purifiers. Her work has prevented major environmental, health and political catastrophes and, ultimately, wars.


I am very humbled and thrilled to have been awarded this prize and I hope it inspires many more young Australians to explore how simple science can solve the problems that they see in their world. A simple idea, some passion and a lot of hard work really can make a difference.


  • Newsreader: Louise Berg
  • Nobel Committee Member: Dan Faith
  • Nicole Kuepper: as herself

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