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Rising sea levels have forced some nations to seek land in other countries. Australia’s decision to provide ‘land for lease’ has met with some resistance.

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The Australian Government today released more land for countries suffering the effects of climate change, and invited bids from interested nations.

During the 2010s, some nations bought land in Australia to become their new home because they were worried about sea level rise. Since 2023, there has been a legal system allowing nations within Australia to govern themselves. It has never been a comfortable policy, but the release of yet more land has sparked further opposition.

In an unlikely alliance, Environmental and Nationalist groups have joined forces to oppose the release.


Every time we release land we lose part of Australia – we lose resources and rainwater rights. And we lose the right to determine not just how the land is used but how people live in this great country. Australia for Australians.


A government spokesperson stated today that funds from the sale of land and associated lease of natural resource utilities are vital to Australia’s future:


Without the cash flow from this scheme we would not be able to maintain the desalination plants that supply irrigation to farms in southern Australia. Thousands of our farmers need this land release to go ahead.


Kuwait, India and Thailand – all of whom are facing population pressure as major coastal cities collapse due to sea level rise and extreme weather events – are expected to make bids.


  • Newsreader: Louise Berg
  • Activist: Tim Ralph
  • Treasurer: Julie Garradd
  • Journalist: Sue Lewis


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