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Warmer climates and migrant influxes have led to an outbreak of Dengue fever in Brisbane – a situation that locals may have to get used to on a permanent basis.

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Police in Brisbane today appealed for calm after the Queensland Health Authority confirmed that Dengue Fever is established in the city and cannot be eradicated. Phil Ayers has more.


Earlier today angry mobs protested outside the homes of refugees from the submerged Pacific islands amid claims that they brought Dengue Fever with them to Australia, an incurable disease that is impossible to eradicate once it is established.

Dengue Fever is spread when an infected person is bitten by a Dengue mosquito, which carries the virus to the next person it bites. Two things are needed for a Dengue outbreak – infected people and mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are certainly here. Brisbane’s climate has warmed by 2°C in the last 50 years, and in this warmer climate Dengue mosquitoes thrive. Poorly designed and aging water tanks help provide perfect breeding grounds. The virus carriers are trickier to pin down, as symptoms are not always obvious.

But some locals were blaming the Pacific refugees, who arrived last summer after their homes were flooded.

Phil Ayers, CCNN news, Brisbane.


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