Movie: News from the Future - Cricket stumped?

Cricket stumped?

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Newsreader: To sports news...and with the latest on the furore to hit cricket, we cross live to reporter Fran Dorey outside the Cricket Australia building.

Journalist: Thanks Louise. We are here outside Cricket Australia headquarters, where behind these doors the Board are caught in debates over the future of international and national cricket in this country. We are hearing all sorts of rumours about the possible proposals – from changing the locations or dates of the Sydney and traditional Boxing Day tests to the less controversial ideas of changing starting times or introducing day-night test matches.
It is evident that drastic measures are needed. In the 2030s the simple changes, such as extended drinks and lunch breaks and restrictions on the number of overs a bowler could bowl, were not enough.
We are expecting an announcement soon, so will keep you posted on any developments. Whatever decisions are reached, the future may just not be cricket!

Newsreader: The decisions facing Cricket Australia are a response to the collapse of NSW bowler Scott Lee from heat exhaustion during the Brisbane test match early last December - the third such incident in first-class matches in as many years.
Cricket is not the first sport to face such an issue. Rugby Union cut the Super 16 competition to a 12-team, 3 month competition nearly a decade ago and Tennis Australia recently gave into increased pressure to hold the Open in Hobart in late March
The impact on sports at all levels is now being felt. Administrators across a variety of codes are being forced to adopt new measures to deal with serious health warnings from medical experts and rising insurance premiums associated with sun stroke, skin cancer, heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Newsreader: Louise Berg
Journalist: Fran Dorey

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