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Visitors flock to the Australian Museum to see a quirky new exhibition on fading Aussie icons – the old-style backyards and garden tools and accessories.

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Is this a sign of the times? An innovative and quirky new temporary exhibition opened last weekend at the Australian Museum. David Bock reports.


It appears that the Australian Museum is now rolling out the astro-turf for its visitors, rather than the red carpet. David Bock, CCNN News, Sydney


With sales of backyard equipment such as hoses, whipper snippers and lawnmowers reaching all time lows after years of decline, the hardware giant Yardacres approached the Museum with quite a unique suggestion.

Could anything be done with these items or should they just be put out on the kerb for council collections?? Exhibition project manager, Bliss Jensen, explained why the Museum agreed to something a little outside the patio ‘square’.


With climate change and water restrictions impacting to such a great degree now, we felt the need to do something to preserve one of our fading icons – the aussie backyard. Some of us may remember the backyards of our childhoods – the lawns, trees, flowers and visiting animals – but these are becoming increasingly rare. Concrete, fake-lawn and sunshades have taken over in many suburbs. This exhibition and our collection strategy are our way of preserving our social history and letting the public appreciate some soon-to-be outmoded technologies of the past, and the old style Aussie backyards. Perhaps the dose of nostalgia may even prompt a ‘backyard’ revival?



  • Newsreader: Louise Berg
  • Journalist: David Bock
  • Project Manager: Bliss Jensen

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