Movie: Lord Howe Island Diorama: the total picture

Watch this time lapse video capturing the final stages of reconstruction of the Lord Howe Island diorama.

In May 2012 a project commenced to conserve the Lord Howe Island diorama at the Australian Museum.

After removing over 40 bird specimens, 24 eggs and several bushels of plant material the surface of the diorama was vacuumed, the painted background was cleaned and even the painted bird poo received a touch up! Vacuuming, washing and rinsing the bird specimens took over 2 months but it proved worth it as accumulated dust was removed to reveal some sparkly feathered friends.

This video, shot over 2 months, captures conservators reconstructing the diorama replacing the cleaned birds, eggs and plant material before the new glass front is installed.

© Australian Museum
Jen Cork

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