Movie: Duckbill Eels off North West Cape

Two Duckbill Eels (Family Nettastomatidae), either Nettastoma or Nettenchelys at a depth of 552 m, 40 km north-west of North West Cape, Western Australia.



It is not possible to identify the fish to species because the nostrils and head pores are not visible. Thank you to Dr David Smith for his help identifying the fish.

The footage was shot in March 2005. It was taken by a Subsea 7 ROV working from the Transocean Jack Bates drilling rig. More information and larger versions of this movie can be found on the SERPENT website.

Further reading:

  1. Smith, D.G. 1999. Nettastomatidae, Duckbill eels. in Carpenter, K.E. & V.H. Niem (Eds). FAO Species Identification Guide for Fishery Purposes. The Living Marine Resources of the Western Central Pacific. Volume 3. Batoid fishes, chimaeras and bony fishes part 1 (Elopidae to Linophrynidae). FAO, Rome. Pp. iii-vi, 1398-2068.

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