Micro Monster stamps - update

A series of stamps featuring scanning electron micrographs has been ranked among the world’s best releases of 2009.

Micro monster stamps

Micro monster stamps
Photographer: SEM images by Sue Lindsay © 2009 Australian Postal Corporation

Micro monsters, a series of Australia Post stamps, featuring scanning electron micrographs by the Museum’s Sue Lindsay, is one of the top ten releases of 2009, according to International StampNews.com.

‘This issue reveals a wonderful microscopic world most of us never have a chance to see. Familiar everyday insects, magnified many times, are shown in a new light’, the judges said.

StampNews was also impressed by the use of thermochromic printing that reveals the magnification factor of each image when a secret area is rubbed.

Other winning stamps include chocolate-scented stamps from France; thermochromic stamps from Iceland showing the effect of global warming on the Arctic; and 3D dinosaur stamps from South Africa.

See the Micro monster stamps on this page, and view other winners at www.stampnews.com.


Brendan Atkins , Publications Coordinator
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