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Susan Hersey
Science Teacher

Susan Hersey has been teaching Science for 32 years (so far) in schools ranging from the western suburbs of Sydney to Istanbul and Hong Kong. Presently she is to be found at William Clarke College in Kellyville. While her original degree (ancient as it is) was in Ecology Susan has thoroughly enjoyed teaching Physics, Biology and Earth and Environmental Science at HSC level, as well as general Science to years 7-10. For a time at Nepean High School she specialised in teaching science to the lower ability students in years 7 and 8 and has fond memories of the successes (and tries to ignore the failures). Her travels have also involved her in teaching the British IGCSE Physics and KS3 courses and the Turkish Physics course. For a short while in Hong Kong Susan was Head of Science but has no intention of progressing through the promotion system. Susan has also marked Physics and Earth and Environmental Science examinations for the HSC and is a senior marker for IB Physics. Susan holds a Master of Education from the University of Western Sydney and a Master of Education in science and environmental education from Deakin University and dreams of one day having the time and energy to complete a doctorate in science education. Susan is a member of her local church. In her spare time (such as it is) Susan enjoys photography, embroidery and reading. She dreams of becoming adept at Botanical Illustration but recognises how far she has to go. Susan has fond memories of frequent visits with her brother to The Australian Museum in her childhood and some behind-the-scenes visits with her father.




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