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Maeve Stephenson

I am a Science teacher specialising in Biology. My favourite areas of Biology are the Human Body and related topics like Diseases (fighting them) and Genetics. These areas are endlessly fascinating as indeed is everything to do with the living world. I am passionate about the environment and preserving, protecting and improving conditions on our fragile planet for people and for all the other living things with which we share this increasingly small globe. In addition to being enthralled with Science and Biology my other areas of interest in teaching are Special Education and Education Support and Technology. I am keen to improve my skills in catering to those students who find academic tasks more difficult and related to this I see increasing use of technology as a fun and interactive learning tool for these students and for mainstream students as well. Technology provides such wonderful opportunities and it is hard to imagine life without the internet and all that fabulous information at our fingertips but students and adults can improve their skills in using it productively and critically. My interests are swimming and diving, travelling, bushwalking, reading, movies and spending time with family and friends in this big, bright world of wonder. PS I do also like Physics as you can see from my image!



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