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Katherine McCormack

Hi, my name is Katherine. I am a primary school teacher in Sydney’s northern region. I currently teach Year 2 and am the Technology Coordinator at my school. We have made a huge push to have IWBs in the classrooms this year along with the use of video conferencing facilities. We aim to use technology in all parts of our curriculum to allow our students to have the best experiences possible. I am currently studying a Masters of Education with a major in ICT. This is an area I feel passionately about and am looking forward to seeing how my studies can influence my teaching. In addition to this my school has been working towards implementing a “conceptual model” of programming where by students’ learn about a small number of concepts instead of topics. We have been able to use a variety of the resources available from the Australian Museum to help support our student’s learning, including a video conference about palaeontology and dinosaurs, the museum in a box and a visit to the museum itself. I am looking forward to seeing how the addition of this website will further support learning and the interests of our students.




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