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I have been teaching since 1974, first as a History and English teacher in secondary schools, then as a Teacher Librarian - first in secondary ( for 5 years) followed by many years as a casual teacher and currently as a permanent in a primary school. I am also the computer coordinator, but prefer to think of myself as a facilitator of incorporating ICT into all KLAs. I see my role in the school as resourcing both students and teachers in both syllabus related areas as well as recreational. Increasingly this involves web2 tools, both for sourcing information as well as for creating new ways of demonstrating understandings and knowledge. The use of wikis and blogs places tools for collaboration and discussion into the hands of all learners, and is proving to be a vital tool for sharing and understanding. As the principal information skills ‘expert’ in a school, I work closely with the teacher to create opportunities for all students to source information appropriate to their level of understanding and to demonstrate that learning in interesting and creative ways. As a school student I was disinterested in science and found it confusing and out of reach. As an adult learner and teacher I now find it fascinating. I am passionate about providing ways of stimulating and supporting children’s interest in their world by providing a learning environment that opens the doors to, and encourages investigation and enhances engagement.




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