Profile: Jenny


Special Skills:
Primary Teacher
Love of all things Science and Outdoor
“Excellence in Integration of ICT Award” issued by Mr Refsauge 2004
Web 2 literate
Team player
Robotics and Science Club coordinator at school
Parent quote: (K Whale) “A well prepared, sensitive, creative, energetic, innovative and enthusiastic person who loves teaching”
Currently help to coordinate (one day a week) an Ecostudy middle schools program at Macquarie’s Innovations Centre where we are using iPhones and LAMS, a web based learning activity management system, to deliver activity based lessons according to the geographical position of the students. These lessons become available using GPS technology on the iPhone as the students approach the designated location for each lesson.
Career prior to teaching involved using my Science Degree in Research and Development for Bonds, Coats, Patons (Clothing industry) and then Johnson and Johnson Australia (Research and then Marketing).
Mother of two teenagers and wife to a golf-crazy engineering husband

Bachelor of Education University of Macquarie 1998 – 2000
Bachelor of Science (Applied- Honours) University of NSW 1982 – 1985
Classroom Teacher on Stage 3 classes Chatswood Public 2001 –
Teacher at Macquarie University’s Innovation Centre 2003 -

Career Objective:
To achieve a teaching position where my proven computer and organisational skills will influence the development of enthusiastic, highly motivated students who love learning.




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