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Carolina Murdoch

I am the Head of History at Loreto Normanhurst, a Girls Catholic Day and Boarding school. I have been teaching for fifteen years, the last ten of those have been in Australia. I was born in Chile, went to the UK at the age of four with my parents who were refugees from Pinochet’s Chile in the 1970s. I grew up in Central London and developed a passion for History and Politics at a young age and studied Modern History at St Hugh’s College, Oxford University. I am a passionate and committed teacher and look to stimulate and nurture independent thinking in the students in my classroom. As a History teacher I am most interested in teaching students about the decline of Empires, decolonization and the development of US foreign policy in the Modern World. I am committed to developing an understanding of the process of historical inquiry and the nature of historical sources as evidence for constructing our understanding of the past. As a teacher of Australian History, I seek to give my students a strong sense of national identity that is founded upon the ideals of multi-cultural , inclusive and forward thinking society. I am particularly interested in the promotion of an empathetic understanding of the Australian Indigenous experience and have worked in cross-curricula environments in order to further the learnings of my students. I am excited by the opportunities presented by web based technologies that allow us to access information and particularly primary source material as never before. The immediacy of digital communities also allows for models of collaborative research and learning that are yet to be fully explored.



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