Making Winny

How did we make Winny Saur, the Australian Museum's Muttaburrasaurus puppet?

Winny in the making

Winny in the making
Photographer: Erth Phsysical Inc ©

Winny was created by ERTH Visual and Physical Inc, a Sydney-based company specialising in live theatre and puppetry. The Museum's Dinosaur Exhibition Project Team worked alongside ERTH to create a realistic and scientifically accurate juvenile from the genus Muttaburrasaurus. Winny's appearance and size is based on a 3-year-old dinosaur from this genus. Winny's construction began in 2007, and she was delivered to the Musuem in March 2008, just in time for the opening of our new Dinosaur exhibition.

Why a Muttaburrasaurus? There were a number of reasons for our choice:

  • we have compete cast of this genus on display
  • it is an iconic Australian dinosaur
  • we have an opalised scapula on display in the Lightning Ridge section
  • this herbivorous Australian dinosaur roamed the temperate floodplains and river system of Western Queensland and New South Wales over 110 million years ago

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Dr Lynda Kelly , Manager Online, Editing and Audience Research
Melissa Murray , Interpretive Officer
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