Lethrinidae - Emperors

Use the table to access images and fact sheets of the lethrinid fishes on the site.  Some species are referred to as seabreams.

Redthroat Emperor, Lethrinus miniatus

Redthroat Emperor, Lethrinus miniatus
Photographer: Ian Shaw © Ian Shaw

Gnathodentex aureolineatus Goldspot Seabream
Lethrinus erythropterus Longfin Emperor
Lethrinus genivittatus Threadfin Emperor
Lethrinus miniatus Redthroat Emperor
Lethrinus nebulosus Spangled Emperor 
Lethrinus obsoletus Yellow Striped Emperor 
Monotaxis grandoculis  Bigeye Seabream 
Wattsia mossambica Mozambique Seabream

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