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This interactive workshop is designed for Stage 2 and 3.

Minibeasts Magnified explores the exciting and diverse world of invertebrates. Students will learn how to identify common groups of invertebrates and why they are important.Minibeasts Magnified brings the world of invertebrates to your students, engaging them in real science in local environments. The workshop is designed to provide information and skills that will enable you and your students to conduct an invertebrate survey in your school and how to look after live invertebrates in your classroom. There will also be information on how to identify different invertebrates as well as some live minibeasts to look at.

This workshop can be run in conjunction with the Museum in a Box program and includes the use of an Insect Box.


Standard Museum in a Box prices apply plus $88 per class for the video conference.


Bookings can be made through the Distance and Rural Technologies or contact us to request a time.