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This event is designed for NSW Stage 6 Biology Syllabus Options 9.8 The Human Story.

Join us to journey back through time to meet some of our ancestors – including the ‘ape-men’, ‘work men’, Neanderthals and the so-called ‘wise humans’. Find out about the major changes that made us human and use skull features to place our ancestors and ancestral cousins within our evolutionary family tree.

Video conference with Museum in a Box

You can choose to have the video confernce run in conjunction with the Museum in a Box® program with the loan of the Human Evolution Box for a three week period.


Standard Museum in a Box prices apply plus $88.00 per class for the video conference

A video conference without Museum in a Box® is $110.00 per class

Bookings and dates

Booking can be made through Distance and Rural Technologies or contact us to request a time.