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Video conferencing has provided a great opportunity to have schools link-up with our vast collection, educators and experts: offering interactive learning anywhere and everywhere.

Throughout 2019, the Australian Museum will be running a variety of interactive video conferences, including topics for

  • World Environment Day
  • NAIDOC week
  • National Science Week
  • Earth Science Week

There’s something for every school!

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Bookings are made with Distance and Rural Technologies (DART)

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Meet our experts

Let Australian Museum scientists, researchers and educators come to you!

This is your chance to come face to face with an Australian Museum scientist and ask questions.

Video conference with world experts in their field - this is a special opportunity to meet the men and women behind the Australian museum. You can learn a little about the fascinating world of the experts behind one of the worlds prestigious natural history and cultural icons.

The Australian Museum will supply background information on the collections and scientist prior to the event.

Discover what goes on behind-the-scenes of Australia's first museum!

The Australian Museum plays a leading role in taxonomic and systematic research, and at its research station at Lizard Island conducts significant research on coral reef ecology.

Through exhibitions and other public programs the Australian Museum continues to inform and amaze generations of visitors about the unique flora, fauna and cultures of Australia and the Pacific.

With its internationally recognised collection of over 21 million cultural and scientific objects and world leading scientific research scientists, come and gain some valuable insights on this behind-the-scenes video conference.

Note: To offer a video conference with the Australian Museum you will require video conferencing equipment. If your organisation does not have video conferencing equipment, enquire with other organisations in your community. Local councils, local museums or schools may have video conferencing equipment available for you to use.

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