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How much do you know about the beautiful and bizarre animals that call Australia home? Surviving Australia unlocks the secrets and surprises of many of Australia's animals. It reveals both their diversity and adaptations for survival over millions of years of changing climate and landscape.

The Surviving Australia exhibition has seven main sections:

  • Blue Edge
  • Island Homes
  • Our Backyard
  • Dangerous Australians
  • Adapt or Die: specialists on land and in freshwater
  • Adapt or Die: specialists over time
  • Where Are They Now

There are also several smaller displays and components:

  • Stromatolites
  • Scientists' Stories

How to book

Please visit book a group visit for further information.

Pre visit familiarisation

Please be aware that exhibition content may change at short notice. We suggest you make yourself familiar with the exhibition prior to creating any worksheets or assessment tasks. Teachers can contact group.bookings@austmus.gov.auto request a preview pass prior to your group's visit.