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Covering a third of the earth, the Pacific Ocean is home to diverse people that speak a quarter of the world’s languages.

Self guided program (Stage 1 - Stage 3)

See the ghostly masks of the Asaro Mudmen, ceremonial poles from New Ireland, and Bird of Paradise headwear from the highlands of Papua New Guinea, alongside intricately carved door panels from New Zealand, towering slit drums from Vanuatu and delicate jewellery from Fiji. Each of these objects is a celebration of living cultures that continue to thrive in contemporary Pacific societies, including here in Sydney.

  • Syllabus links: Geography, History, Science, Visual Arts
  • Location: Level 2
  • Cost: Pacific Spirit is included in general entry. General entry to the Australian Museum is FREE for children under 16 and local secondary school students. Adults, tertiary, concession and tourist groups incur a cost.

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