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Students can learn about the diverse spiritual beliefs, values and complex knowledge systems that continue across Australia today.

Self guided program (Early Stage 1 - Stage 3)

Garrigarrang: Sea Country features 300 treasures from the Australian Museum's cultural collections including fishing spears, canoes, sculptures and jewellery.

Hear from Aboriginal people about canoe making in NSW, explore creation stories and whale ceremonies from the NSW South Coast and see ceremonial costumes and dance masks from the Torres Strait which accompany stories about spirituality and culture.

  • Syllabus links: Aboriginal Studies, Creative Arts, Geography, History, Science
  • Location: Ground Level
  • Cost: Garrigarrang: Sea Country is included in general entry. General entry to the Australian Museum is FREE for children under 16 and local secondary school students. Adults, tertiary, concession and tourist groups incur a cost.

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