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Students will uncover the hidden stories in treasures through inquiry cards and stimulus questions.

Self guided program (Early Stage 1 - Stage 3)

Spread over two floors of the resplendent Westpac Long Gallery, 200 treasures await your discovery. One hundred are objects carefully selected from the Museum's 18 million collection items, another hundred are people chosen for the way they shaped Australia. Through these treasures, fascinating stories are revealed not only about our Museum but our nation - its people, history and role on the world's stage.

Syllabus links: Geography, History, Science

Location: Ground Floor, Level 1 and Level 2

Cost: 200 Treasures of the Australian Museum is included in general entry. General entry to the Australian Museum is FREE for children under 16 and local secondary school students. Adults, tertiary, concession and tourist groups incur a cost.

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