Science in the City, the biggest celebration of science for schools and the community, was another huge success this year!

With interactive workshops, shows, and a speciality Expo demonstrating the latest in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM), it was hard not to get inspired.

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Are you an organisation interested in presenting to students at the 2020 Science in the City. If you are keen to find out more about how to get involved in Science in the City, get in contact with us by emailing or call (02) 9320 6389.

Science Journalism at Sydney Science Festival

Get exposed with science journalism at Science in the City

Image: Sarah Wilson
© Australian Museum

Festival volunteers are the ambassadors of this event, assisting our small team to help visitors navigate the event, provide useful information making them feel welcomed and excited at the Festival.

The support of Festival volunteers is integral to the delivery of this event which saw over 5,000 students onsite in just 2 weeks in 2019!

Our volunteers are the face, heart and soul of the Festival; they are the embodiment of enthusiasm and science personified!

Opportunities to volunteer with us in the lead-up to the Australian Museum’s premier Science Week event, Science in the City, are now open!

Celebrate all things science with us, meet like-minded people and get an inside look into how a science festival and a museum are run.

Taking place over two weeks in August, Science in the City (SITC) invites students and teachers to join in the biggest celebration of science for schools and we’ve programmed two science-filled community days for the general public too – no one is left out!

If you are keen to find out more about how to get involved in the Festival, get in contact with us by emailing or call (02) 9320 6389.

The Science Engagement & Events (SEE) team consists of Geoff Gardner, Ashleigh Harrington, Annick Witberg, Karin Brown & Rachel Esse who work to engage the community in science, and share the work of the Australian Museum and the Australian Museum Research Institute. With diverse expertise and experience in communications, science, history, research and education, the SEE team oversee a range of activities run by the Museum.

Through a mixture of festivals, regional outreach events and school holiday programs, the Australian Museum’s SEE unit deliver high quality science literacy events for thousands of people around the globe each year. Working closely with leading educational and research institutions, programs deliver content that is not only informative and entertaining but based on current research and using the latest technologies.

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