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A preview of the Sustainability content in our Museum2you program available for hire to NSW communities.   

Sustainability: Living within the means of one planet 

Humans use natural resources and produce waste at an incredible rate. We expect the planet to sustain our affluent lifestyle; however, we are surpassing the earth’s ability to keep up with our demands.


Measuring human impact

An ecological footprint measures the impact humans have on the environment. It calculates the sum of all the cropland, grazing land, forest and water required to produce food, materials and energy, as well as absorb waste and provide space for infrastructure.

Our heavy footprint

We are exceeding the earth’s ability to support our lifestyle. If all countries consumed resources the way Australians do, it would take more than three earths to support us. Australia has one of the world's largest ecological footprints per capita. The average Australian needs 6.6 hectares of productive land and resources to support their lifestyle and to absorb the waste they produce.

Step lightly

It’s clear: we need to change our ways if we are to lighten our footprint and live within the means of the earth. Leading a sustainable lifestyle by changing what we buy, how we travel and how much water and energy we use can reduce our ecological footprint and ensure that the planet can support us and future generations.