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Possums are the most familiar marsupials seen in eastern Australia. The Common Brushtail and Common Ringtail Possums are often found in Australian cities, suburban gardens and sometimes in the roofs of houses.

Possums Museum in  Box
Content of the Possums Museum in a Box Image: Stuart Humphreys
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They make an endearing sight perched in trees, with their pink noses, large or small ears and distinctive tails. Brushtails are named for their dark, bushy tails and Ringtails for their slender, prehensile tails which can be coiled tightly. There are many other unfamiliar types of possum discussed in this box, their relationships with each other and with other marsupials and how they survive in different habitats.

Box Contents:

  • Diorama with common Brushtail and common Ringtail Possums
  • Skulls casts
  • Brushtail possum fur
  • Silicone mould of development of young
  • Tails about tails activity flip book
  • Tail comparison box
  • Factsheets
  • Poster
  • Books
  • Information panels

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Possum and baby illustration Image: Andrew Howells
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