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The Minibeasts box is a resource designed specifically for Early Childhood. The topic was chosen to complement children's fascination with creatures that they find in their environment.

Minibeast Museum in a Box
Content of the Minibeast Museum in a Box Image: Stuart Humphreys
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It includes a great variety of 'treasures' - real insects and spiders embedded in resin, a large model ant, insect finger puppets, handmade silk butterfly wings, a specially created wooden ladybug puzzle, posters and books.

Box Content:

  • Real insects embedded in clear plastic resin
  • A large ant model, great for investigating body parts.
  • Magnifing lens
  • Magnifing jars
  • Collecting trays
  • Minibeast posters and reference books
  • Identification panels
  • Teachers notes
  • Background information
  • Butterfly and beetle wing dress-ups
  • Puppets just for fun!

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