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Frogs live on all the large landmasses of the world, except Antarctica and Greenland. They are most common in the warm, wet tropics, but they also live in hot deserts, cold alpine areas and variable coastal areas.

Frog Hands
The hands of different frog species can reveal a lot about their lives. Image: Jodi Rowley
© Jodi Rowley

Worldwide there is a decline in frog numbers and species. This box features some Australian frogs that are very well adapted to life in dry deserts, and others that are adapted for life in wet or forested habitats.

Box Contents:

  • Wet forest diorama
  • Dry bushland with Arid zone diorama
  • Frog calls of S E Australia CD
  • A flip book Where do frogs live?
  • Jelly mould
  • Life cycle specimens
  • Mould of Cane Toad
  • Cast fossil frog Rana pueyoi
  • Australian Frogs books
  • Fact sheets
  • FrogID information pack
  • Information panels

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Bufo marinus
Cane Toad Image: Harry Ehmann
© Australian Museum